mardi 31 mars 2009

Back in the days

Shit weather last week end, so I will not post nice and sunny pics... In order to make up for the disappointment ;o), I post one video from the good old days in NZ, during a crepes party up at Atawhai. No needs to say I was glad of myself about this. Thanks to Caroline who took this video.

mercredi 25 mars 2009

Skitour with Bruno, Steph & Oliver

Here are quite a few pics from the week end skitours, with Stéphanie, Bruno and Oliver. The first tour was above Grandvillard, up to the Vanil Carré peak, with a nice final slope where the snow was still dry. Then we went for some spring conditions the following day, around Cornettes de Bise. We messed up a bit with the route, but that wasn't that bad and we had a nice ski run! The hits of the week end:

- Bruno managing to find Fribourg on Friday evening, after getting lost a few times...
- Bruno eating 200grs of chocolate per day
- Seeing some ibexes (I think it is the right word?) at the top of some cliffs (last picture)
- My stylish sunglasses... I know Travis will appreciate it ;o)
- The wild sceneries when we sort of lost our way on Sunday
- Not less impressive: Oliver beating Bruno at food eating, when we came back Sunday afternoon

mardi 17 mars 2009

Boring life :D

My life must seems boring... Here is some more gliding, hehe! The weather (as the snow) was springlike, so that was a good and non-stressful week end... I went back to Aix les Bains on Friday eve for some reasons, and we did a nice skitour on Saturday, with quite a few people (12 if I remember well). After the skiing, it was time to leave to Monjoie in the Jura so called "mountains", where Donn&Jen and Amélie&Xavier were already. We had a fun evening eating some cheese fondue (I must admit I had some meat, I am very ashamed!), and digesting all that the next during a snowshoes walk on the hills around... Pretty boring, isn't it? But nevertheless, life is GOOD!

PS: I attached a couple of pics from Titi, from last week end. They are much better than mines as you can see, since I left my camera on the wrong settings (tungsten light...) for the last 3 weeks

jeudi 12 mars 2009

Ski touring near Thones, and "freeride" at Chamonix

OK, I certainly can't really say freeride for my skiing style... But nevertheless, we went to Les Grands Montets, the world's "freeride capital" as they say. It was a good occasion for me to work my poor technique on truly excellent terrain, and surounded by all the impressive peaks from the Mont Blanc massif, Mount Everest included. Many thanks to my 2 lovely teachers of the day! Where present in particular Steph', Caro, Petra and Seb. Was funny at one stage, as the 2 slowest person of the band were the 2 males (i.e. me and Seb)... Who said I am a big girl???

The Saturday was good too, with some good touring in deeeeeeeeeep powder! We went to the Mountain range Les Aravis, with a large part of the Maureau's, and Donn and his van. The latest attracted a lot of attention all along the day, with many people pointing us as we were driving... It is still unclear why, it is such a nice van! So said Monique, who wants to get the same one now... After almost everybody left, a poor cat with a broken leg came to us (attracted by Donn's van?), to the greatest pleasure of Donn, and myself. It definitely deserved many caresses!

But the day was not finished... After buying a few kilos of cheese (who said I am fat???), I got a call from... Caroline, who didn't know where to stay for the night. Her and a friend of her (Petra) were in Chamonix on Saturday, and wanted to try to sneak into some conference hotel (they knew one of the participants of the conference), but without success... So I had a call at 6pm, asking me if they could stay at Donn&Jen's place for the night. After that, dinner (cooked by myself) and concert... All that made a full-on week end!

And sorry for the bad quality of the pics, I had wrong settings for most of them... I guess I had some other things in mind than taking pictures.

dimanche 1 mars 2009

Ski touring week end around Aix les Bains

Man, that was a fun week end, again! I went to Aix les Bains for the week end, where I stayed at the Moreau's homestead, with Denis. Obviously, we did some ski touring to occupy the long day. :D We did a longish tour around Pic du Frene, long especially for me with my poor skiing technique... It's hard to admit, but i finished the day quite exhausted... To recover from that the following day, we did a shorter tour in the Bauges ranges, with not as good conditions, but it was still fun! So where the evenings, with some good food&drinks... And good compagny! Was good to catch back with JP, Monique and Steph, who I haven't seen since when I left for NZ... Thanks to all of you to have been my skiing instructors for the week end!

Oh, yeah, and I got some new ice tools! (I only say that to make Travis jealous, of course) I got the Grivel Matrix Tech, which look cool! Many thanks to Titi to spend time to buy them for me! :)