mardi 16 août 2011

A bit of New Zealand...

I was on vacations for a week, in "the world famous in Spain" Pyrenees. Amongst other things, we climbed the "antiques" ridge of Mount Vallier (the prominent ridge of the first picture), in Ariege, the wildest range in the Pyrenees. The climb was done with the extended "Bieth's team"*, and somehow reminded me of mountaineering in New Zealand:
- the starts low in the valley
- very green around
- not so good rock... (Travis' gonna like this!)
- we stayed in a rough shepherd hut...
- it rained at the end...
- good feeling of wilderness (for Europe...)
- fantastic scenery, above a "sea of clouds"
- sharing the surroundings with sheeps, cows and goats

A much fun&funny trip in any cases!

* Bieth is the family name of Bruno, our god to all of us boulets. Bruno's dad (Eric) managed to drop his backpack during the climb, backpack which ended 100m down with a few broken things... a nice B3/B4! This may suggest being a boulet is in the genes, but this will need some further statistics to be validated... Dear boulet colleagues, any other examples related to these interesting genetics?

PS: the nice pics are from Eric Bieth, Bruno's dad.