lundi 9 novembre 2009

Mushroom hunting with Donn

After 3 hours of intensive mushroom hunting, we ended up the day by dipping chanterelles in a cheese fondue... Yummy!

lundi 2 novembre 2009

Dry tooling at l'Usine

"L'Usine" comes from the fact there is a large factory just at the bottom of the crag... Quite logical and not terribly original you will tell me (usine = factory in English). No need to say that people don't go there for the wilderness...

So, in a few words, my ass got kicked really hard! Dry tooling is definitely an elitist activity, and one needs to be strong to enjoy it at the most... Hard to say, but I may need some cross-fit trainings to get stronger! I know Travis will appreciate that...

Anyhow, it was still fun to watch the big boys climbing the super steep routes, and the settings where good to take picture... At the end of the day, Etienne brought a generator, and people could keep going on climbing at night. With the lights from the factory&motorway, this had a good feeling of urban climbing.