mardi 30 mars 2010

The "embellie"

I found no exact translation for the word "embellie", maybe short&calm spell would be the most correct translation. Anyhow, when talking about the weather, it means it will be crap weather, then suddenly nice, and after a short period of nice weather, suddenly crap again.

That was the all plan of the day, planning on a short ski tour during the forecasted "embellie". With this word, I managed to motivate Vanessa and Julien to come along, in the aim of skiing "les Arpilles". We leaved Fribourg at 8am, under the rain... No needs to say that my companions teased me with my "embellie", but an "embellie" has to start by crap weather, right?

We reached the car park, no snow there! We have to carry the skis for a bit... The teasing about the quality of the plan was at its paroxysm then... And suddenly, the "embellie"! No need to say that my proudness reached its paroxysm quickly! Of course, the "embellie" was short, but sufficient to take advantage of the fresh (but not so light...) snow at the top, and make some good turns in untracked snow!


PS: Julien didn't trust my (arguably dodgy) plans, didn't bring any sunscreen, and got bright red... Always trust Romaric's plans, even if they rarely works! :D
PS2: I didn't trust my plans neither, didn't bring any sunscreen, and got a bit sunburn as well...

lundi 22 mars 2010

The nerds...

I guess people imagine scientist like this: (Oliver didn't really dress up, actually :D)

But we are not that serious!

jeudi 18 mars 2010

Ski&Ice climbing in Zinal

The weather has been rather cold the all last week, cold enough to get some decent conditions for ice climbing, for March. The first day hasn't been that successful as we were a bit too late, and the sun was starting to hit most of the climbs... So we went skiing instead, on the nice ski resort of Zinal, where there are some really nice off piste possibilities. After a nice evening&night at the Trift hotel*, we woke up early, and managed eventually to do some good ice climbing, which was probably the last occasion to do so this year. So that was good!

* The waitress was again very cute... From my (not so) large experience on the subject, it appears than most of the waitresses are nice looking in that region...

PS: you can see on the last pic that both me and Frenchy had matched clothe... That a bit gay, isn't it? :D

lundi 15 mars 2010

Murphy's law...

Three weeks ago, Gaelle&Jerome, Titi&Leslie and Denis were supposed to come to Fribourg for some ski touring... They didn't because of the bad weather forecast, and decided to come a next weekend. The forecast revealed wrong, and the weather was mostly sunny, just a bit windy... So, they came last weekend... But this time, the weather was worst than the forecasts were predicting... Classic Murphy's law...

So, despite a nice ski tour on Sunday, the weekend was not as sporty as planned... Instead, we went to the thermal baths in Charmey, and ate a fair amount of cheese... Almost the same as ski touring, eh?!

PS: yeah, it is sunny on the pics, which were taken during the couple of hours of sun we had on Sunday...