lundi 14 septembre 2009

Climbing in the Gast, again, but with more people!

Exactly 15 of us! :) It was as a lot of fun, if a bit cold... There was a bit of snow on the tops the first morning... hmmm... skiing soon!

But we have to finish the climbing season, first! Hard life, isn't it? For me, it means some challenges I fixed at the beginning of the season, i.e. a grade 7a on-sight (NZ grade 24). I am not that far actually, and climbed a grade 6c+ (NZ 23) last week end. But the gap it still big I reckon, since I got my ass kicked by some 6cs/7as a few times lately. Alright, I should shut up now, I hear some people saying I am a show off*...

So, to end on a good note, here are some nice pics, taken by Caroline.**

* Which is OK actually since I am French...
** Please tell her how great are her pictures! ;o)