mardi 12 avril 2011

An happy Kangoo

What makes a Kangoo* a good life? Driving a lot of course and seeing friends are good starting points. The blue Kangoo had its share of good things on the way down to Barcelona, an excellent trip for him in any cases!

Furthermore, it has to be know that the Kangoo really enjoys the presence of kids, the latter giving it back to him as they (my niece and nephew for instance) really like to play in it!

* a French mini-van from Renault

Julien's circus

My first weekend was dedicated to settle down a bit (thanks to Frenchiiiiiie for the help to move my stuff from my car to the flat), and to attend Julien's circus school mid-term show! It was excellent and very fun to watch, I would really recommend it if that wasn't an unique show! Really impressive to see what people can do only after 6 months of (hard) training!

My new flat in Barcelona

Upon the requests of my mum, here are a couple of pics of my flat in Barcelona!