mercredi 29 décembre 2010

Boulet one day, boulet forever!

Well, as I told you previously, I went to Barcelona for a job interview the 21th of December, and stayed at Julien's the night before... Well, I managed to drop my dinner* on my pants, the only I had for the interview the following day... Not so good to have melted cheese on your pants**... Somehow, Frenchie was laughing a bit, as you might imagine.

* Btw very tasty
** I didn't drop anything on Frenchie's flour!

mardi 28 décembre 2010

Xmas time at my parents

Before my traveling, I went a bit back to my family for Xmas. I am not getting fit not doing much and eating all the food my mum is cooking... Knowing that I should run the Tararuas race ( with Dion mid-March, and knowing I won't train more next month (and eat ever more food!), Dion might start to worry about my fitness for the race! :D

Visit Frenchiiiiiiiiiiie in Barcelona

I went to Barcelona the 20/21 of December for a job interview (and I got the job, yipeee! :)). I took the occasion to visit Frenchie, and stayed at his... i.e. in his van, which is house during his circus/clown school! Reasonably comfy, actually!

My sisters & bro-in-laws' birthdays