vendredi 29 janvier 2010

Fondue on Moleson

Some classic stuff of the Fribourg region in winter:

+ take the drive after-work to the small skifield of Moleson
+ skin up or walk to the top of the ski-lift, by night (even better when the full moon in shining)
+ have an excellent cheese fondue in the high restaurant
+ ski down to the car

= a pretty good evening!

vendredi 22 janvier 2010

Ice climbing and ski touring around Evolene

What an original week end, back in the same region as last week, for guess what? Some ice climbing and some ski touring... My week-ends are definitely not very varied! :D We just changed the accommodation, where the nice Belgian beers got replaced by a cute waitress... Almost the same, eh?

lundi 11 janvier 2010

Ice climbing and ski touring at La Gouille

Eventually, we managed to get a trip together with Frenchy and Oliver. We've been talking a lot about week end trips, but actually never managed to have one with the 3 of us. Every time, one had a bad excuse to not join...

We went to the remote valley of Arolla, and stayed in the small hamlet La Gouille. First day, ice climbing... Good conditions. Second day, we went for a ski tour. We didn't do what we wanted, and messed a bit around... At one stage, I've heard a bit crack in the snow, which made us turning back... I hate these scary sounds... But the snow on the way down was excellent, which made a very good day at the end!

Oh yeah, and we stayed in a nice "Belgian" B&B. We had the classic mussels&fries for dinner, accompanied by a pint of Chimay beer... not very fine food, but perfect after a day in the cold! Just before we left, there was a small social event, the aim being to burn the Xmas trees... As the tree were wet and snowy, the fire managed to smoke in all the valley! You can see on the last pic how much smoke it was producing.