lundi 27 avril 2009

Week of holidays :)

I had last week off, which was supposed to be a full week of ski touring with Bruno and Xavier. As usual, Bruno managed to miss the occasion by doing one of his stupidities... He played badminton drunk, and ended with a a good sprain at one ankle. Xavier made a good one as well, screwing up his ski rental by arriving after the shop's closure. So we rock climbed the first 2 days, and as a punishment, Xavier took my snowboard and snowshoes for the first ski tour... He could discover how tough was snowboard touring! ;o) As a matter of fact, he won't start ever again, and we went to Lausanne to rent proper ski touring stuff for the remaining of the week.

We did in total 5 ski tours, with some snow powder every day, at least around the tops. Below, that was good spring snow... And bush skiing sometimes at the end... All of it was pretty good and varied, but unfortunately Xavier got an infected tooth (his cheek was looking like a balloon), and went back home prematurely, on Friday. Then I went to Aix les Bains, for some more skiing and climbing, but I sucked at both, and was feeling very weak both days... My excuse is that I was ill... Others will say I am a big girl... ;o)

Anyhow, that was a fun week. But sorry, no photos as I left my camera (with a few other things) at my parents' place the week end before... As I forgot my brand new sunglasses in Jérome's car yesterday... I guess you can't change when you are scatter-brained...

mardi 14 avril 2009

Easter week end at my parents' place

Taking advantage of the long week end, I went back to my parents' place for easter. The onward drive has been made long due to a burnt truck across the way, which completely jammed the speedway, and Stéphanie spent 3 hours there, before picking me up in Bellegarde, 20kms from the accident... We made it to my hometown at 2am, reasonably tired...

The rest of the week end was more peaceful, but not resting for the stomachs, with my mum trying (as usual) to get me fat with all her culinary skills... The hits of the week end were having lunch at the hospital with my grand parents (with the all family), and the first chocolate eggs' hunt for my little nephew. The later didn't change much, and is still restless and troublemaker... but cute!

mardi 7 avril 2009

Aix les Bains, and skitouring in the Maurienne region

So, for a change, some ski touring for the week end, around Aix les Bains where we stayed (with Bruno) at the Maureau's place... for a change!

Anyways, it was an excellent week end again, with some nice weather, and perfect spring-snow conditions. Saturday was good, and so was Sunday. During Sunday's tour, we split with the girls for some reasons*... Steph' and Gaelle went for a shorter tour then... But unfortunately for them, they missed some close views of at least 30 chamois, some untracked deep snow powder, and a run on some perfect corn snow (we call it "carpet snow" in French)! We had obviously better conditions than the girls!**

*cos Steph' didn't want to take off/put back the skins... lazy girl!
**they will tell you that we (the boys) are lying on the quality of the snow ;o)

I like daylight savings (this one at least...)

Taking advantage of the daylight savings' change of hours, with a sunset at 8pm, we went up Moléson after work, via the skifield (closed for the season). Cos of the traffic jams in Bulle, we started a bit late, so we had to run uphill to make it to the top for the last lights... We where above the clouds, and the view was fantastic!!! As excellent as the 1000m ski run downhill, in the fading light... That was quite romantic, actually, héhé.