dimanche 18 janvier 2009

Just to make Travis jealous...

All is the pics! :D

But unfortunately, the ice was a bit wet, so I've been lame and didn't lead anything... But we top roped a relatively technical and fun one, with light and brittle ice formations. The lead would have been bold... There were some ice screws placements, most of them hollow...

PS: Oh yeah, it was the first time that Oliver was ice climbing, and I have been mean to send him in a hard climb (grade 5+ or so)... But he looks happy, doesn't he?

vendredi 16 janvier 2009

First paragliding fligth :)

We went to the Charmey skifield with my flatmate, Mickael. He was participating to a fun paraglading contest, while I skied. For his last flight, he asked me if I wanted to go for a biplace fligth, and obviously I couldn't say no... As it was part of a contest, we went pretty close from the ground, and even touch it a couple of times, it was a lot of fun! Many thanks Mickael* for the run!

The following day, we went skiing at Chateau d'oex with Olivier&Julie, and I discovered how skiing in powder is... difficult! But it is soft, and tastes good... when you fall...

* I don't know if I should thank you, actually... I want to buy a paraglider and to pass the licence now... Do you think I have enough time and money??? :)

Some more cool pics from some friends of Mickael:

lundi 5 janvier 2009

Alpine touring trip in the Queyras (Italy)

The aim: 4 days of ski touring
The place: Chianale, in the Italian side of the Queyras mountains
The actors: Jerome&Gaelle, Etienne, Denis, Murielle, Emilie, and me!

Not much to say: brilliant weather for the 4 days, perfect terrain for ski touring, good snow for snowboarding (not that good for skiing, apparently...). And best of the best, our accomodation: the most welcoming bed&breakfast ever, with excellent Italian food, and the friendliest landlady you can imagine. And it's even cheap! I highly recommend to stay there if you are in the region, ask me the address if you need.

The negative point was (thanks to Titi ;-) ) the illness of a couple of people, which was a real shame... I guess it's a good reason to come back there sometime in spring, when the snow conditions would be perfect!

Thats all for now!