lundi 2 décembre 2013

A ma petite mimichou!

For once, a sad post...The cat at my parents' place died last week, at the age of almost 16, which is fine for a cat, especially since she had been in very good shape until 6 months ago, still running like a kitty! My mum was reminding me that before leaving for New Zealand 8 years ago, I though I would not see her again, which had made me sad at the time... Somehow, I saw her many more times.

Anyway, these past few weeks, she had got something in the stomach which made she could not eat any-thing... She would call my mum for some food, my mum would give her something, and Mimichou would just look at it without being able to eat... In some sense, I am glad to not have seen this.

One morning, my mum woke up. Mimichou was on the floor, in epileptic status. She had been waiting for my mum to wake up. She stood up as she could, called for my mum to take her in her arms... (she always has been a very talkative cat) This calmed her, and two minutes later, she was gone... When my mum told me this, this made me sad and smiling at the same time.

Mimichou, tu as toujours ete un chat tres classe!

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